Charleston Carifest invites you to join us on the road in Charleston, South Carolina on June 18, 2022 as we celebrate Caribbean Carnival.
You may a)purchase a costume from any of the Band Leaders listed below and dance with one of our Mas Bands or
                 b)bring your own Band.
If you would like to bring your own Band or your own group with your own costume then  you need to submit your registration form to the organization.
Please fill out the Parade Registration form and let’s celebrate Carnival.
       ***       Parade_Registration 22
 If you would like to Play in one of our Mas Bands Contact the Band Leader
 1.Bacchanal Mas Band Presents Cornucorpia
Band Leader: Lorna Beck 843-557-6258
Costume: Anyone with their own costume can play in the Bacchanal Mas Band. 
Cost: $50.00 Water on the road, lunch in the park.
Bacchanal Band will allow you to wear your own costume. We have small numbers of several costumes for sale.
You are allowed to choose the feathered piece to adorn your costume.
If you would like to join our Mas Band use the form below. Hit the Blue writing. Feel free to call me 843-557-6258
Black & Red               
                 Trini Red Queen
2. Kandy Land Mas Band
Band Leader: Kandy 843- 941-2301
Costume: TBA
3. Celestial Ones Mas Band 
 Band Leader: Regina Hollingshed Sowell
                                              Male Costume 
Headpiece, Chest piece, Armpiece, Waistband, Leg piece

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