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 Healthy Lifestyle Network teaches self-management techniques to adults and children to effect lifestyle changes to improve health outcomes. Healthy Lifestyle Network conducts an annual diabetes conference, and a nutrition and physical activity event in Charleston, and the Shelton Project in Jamaica.

Healthy Lifestyle Network conducts the Shelton Project yearly in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The program works with the children of the Infant and Basic Schools on Environmental Stewardship to plant trees as well as vegetables and flowers, they learn about healthy food choices, exercise with soccer/football teams, and develop reading skills with coaches and donated books.

We also teach the teens and women life skills to improve their financial situation. Our newest program is designed to bring awareness and prevention of childhood sexual abuse. In July 2017, we hosted the first women and girls conference and conducted a Darkness to Light training.

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HLN's annual event Stand Up For Children Against Child Sexual Abuse in Port Antonio, Jamaica.
The event for primary school children includes interactive workshops and self defense training to thwart childhood sexual abuse.

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