The Parade

We invite you to form a Masquerade Band and join the Parade on Saturday, JUNE 15.

Step off at 4:00PM

Playing Mas

The culture of Carnival involves parading through the villages in costumes and masks dressed as masquerades. We invite you to join or form a Masquerade Band and play mas with us on June 15, 2024 as we bring the rich culture of Carnival to Charleston, SC. Join in the fun and dance through the streets of Charleston en route to Brittle Bank Park.
If you would like to join a Masquerade Band to be in the Parade, visit our COSTUME Page, select a costume and contact the Band Leader to arrange purchase. You must be in a Band to be in the Parade.

Form a Band

If you would like to form your own Band, please download the Parade Registration Form. We are very happy to assist Band Leaders especially if this is your first time, we will make it very easy for you. We guide you all the way. Having a Band in the Parade is fun and brings attention to your business or organization.

Join in the fun as we celebrate the Caribbean.

Most of the islands in the Caribbean celebrate Carnival. The largest and most well-known celebrations are held in Trinidad and Tobago. The Dominican Republic, Antigua, Aruba, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Haiti, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Maarten, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts, Saint Thomas and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are also known for lengthy carnival seasons and large celebrations. The parade floats include music trucks with dancers called masqueraders dressed in colourful costumes dancing behind the truck. This is a special time of fun and enjoyment traveling through downtown Charleston on the way to the park.

Parade Route

Staging – In front of the Charleston Museum on John’s Street and back to Wragg Square.

Route is John Street to King Street, down King Street, to Congress Street to Hagood to Brittle Bank Park.

Download the Parade Registration Form above if you would like to enter a Band (Group of Masqueraders):

General Information

We would like to hear from you. Please send all regular mail to the following address:

South Carolina Caribbean Culture and Heritage

P.O. Box 32278 | Charleston, SC 29417

Please send all inquiries to or call (843) 557-6258.

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